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Going to Hawaii soon? You're going to want to plan well in order to save money and get there for as cheap a price as possible. Part of this planning is to get good Hawaii hotel deals. But how do you do this? It's not exactly common knowledge how to get the best Hawaii hotel deals possible. That's because the hotels don't want you to know any of the secrets of getting good deals. It results in them making less money, which is bad for business. We're not the hotels, but we do want to help people get good deals. In this article, you'll find out some secrets for getting great Hawaii hotel deals.

The Hawaii Hotel Secrets

Much of the information we are about to present is very much common sense. However, it is rarely ever followed, which is why most people do not get the best hotel deals possible! It's a crazy thought, but some people would rather quickly book a hotel at a more expensive price than to take just a little time to research and save money in the process. If you follow our suggestions, you will save money, period.

Secret #1: Compare Prices

This is very logical, yet rarely followed advice. Want the best Hawaii hotel deal possible? Search for it and compare prices! Sites like Orbitz and Hotels.com allow anyone to plug in travel information (such as dates) and see quotes for hotels instantly. It is very easy and will allow you to see what the prices are at all the different hotels. These prices can vary greatly from hotel to hotel, so do not ignore this step.

Secret #2: Look at the Hotel's Site

Usually, booking through a discount hotel site can save you money. However, the hotels themselves occasionally offer greater discounts. That's why you should check the hotel's site frequently to see if there are any deals. There may be deals for specific times of the month (i.e. Weekdays) that you wouldn't get if booking through a discount site. So check those sites and you might save lots of money.

Secret #3: Last Minute Booking

Hotel prices can be unusually expensive, particularly in Hawaii, if the hotel is booked ahead. By waiting til the last minute (perhaps a week or two before you go out to Hawaii), you might be able to shave some money off the cost of staying at a hotel there. This isn't always the case, however, so you might want to "test-drive" this theory before actually applying it to your vacation plans.

Secret #4: Bidding

Bidding for hotels is a fairly new technique that many tourists use to great success. On places like Priceline, people are able to bid whatever amount they desire on hotels. This can result in huge savings, but may also be unsuccessful. You may want to work on your bidding technique and perhaps even seek advice from successful bidders on the many tourist forums around.

Secret #5: Different Sites for Different Prices

Sites that compare prices and allow you to book hotels do not always offer you the same rate across the board. One hotel booking site may allow you to book a hotel room for $250 a night, while another site may allow you to book the same hotel room for $190 a night. That's a big difference, and while this isn't always true, it can be on sometimes. That's why you need to compare not just hotels, but hotel sites.

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