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Why fly when you can go there by sea? Cruises are now a very popular part of the vacationing process. Millions of people each year choose to go on a cruise to their destination rather than flying there. For them, it can be a good way of vacationing. They can go to their destination cheaper and can see the beautiful ocean while they're at it. It's really a great way of vacationing.

Hawaii cruises have become increasingly popular over the past 20 years. They are now a very popular way of going to Hawaii. If you are considering Hawaii cruises, you'll want to read up about your choices in this article.

If I Decide to Cruise, What Are My Options?

Previously, if you had chosen to go on Hawaii cruises, your options would have been limited. However, nowadays that isn't the case. There are many cruiselines to choose from.

Carnival Spirit

Carnival is quite possibly the biggest cruiseline in the world. The Carnival Spirit is a 12 night cruise to Hawaii. This cruiseship visits several key ports in Hawaii such as Oahu, Maui and the big island. For the price, which is usually over $1000, guests get meals, beverages, entertainment and much more. It is an exceptionally good deal when you consider that most hotels in Hawaii cost a lot more to stay at.

Mercury Celebrity Cruiseship

Celebrity is lesser known name in the cruiseline business, but yet is of a very high quality. They are also a bit cheaper in price than Carnival. On a Celebrity cruiseship, you can enjoy a wide-range of daily activities spread across 11 days, have drinks at the bar, get spa treatments or just enjoy the view of the ocean. You will also enjoy being able to get off the ship and tour several places in Hawaii like Maui and Oahu.

Crystal Symphony Cruiseship

If you can afford to spend a significant amount more on your cruise, the Crystal Symphony might just be for you. This cruiseship will take you on an 18 day journey which begins in Los Angeles, goes through Hawaii and ends in Hong Kong. Aboard the Symphony, you will be treated to speciality restaurants, a six-star cuisine, world class entertainment and a luxury suite. You will get to see Hawaii at two different ports and will also get to see Hong Kong. The Crystal is a luxury cruiseship that affords its guests many opportunities to enjoy their Hawaii vacation.

Zaandam Cruiseship

For slightly more than the Carnival Spirit, you can enjoy a Hawaii cruise that spans 15 nights. On the Zaandam, you will get high quality meals, 24 hour room service, and lots of activities. You can also enjoy spa treatments, specialty restaurants, and shopping. The Zaandam has stops in Hawaii, Mexico and San Diego. It is a very good cruiseship at a very good price.

Regal Princess Cruiseship

The Regal Princess Cruiseship is a 15 day cruise that rolls through ports like Maui, Kauai, Hilo and even Mexico. It is a moderately priced cruiseship that delivers with a lot of activities for guests, excellent meals, 24 hour room service and a bar. If you stay on the Princess, you should be very happy with your choice as it is one of the best Hawaii cruises.

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