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People don't always go to Hawaii because of the incredible weather or overall feel of the island. Some go there specifically to witness the many Hawaii attractions. Hawaii is filled with many attractions that draw millions of people each year. When you go to Hawaii for your vacation, you'll want to know about the many attractions you can enjoy here

Popular Hawaii Attractions

No matter who you are and what you enjoy, you should have no problems at all with finding an attraction in Hawaii that is appealing to you. As there are literally hundreds of different Hawaii attractions, we cannot possibly go over each and every single one of them. However, we will give you a good list of Hawaii attractions at Oahu, Maui and Kauai, the three most popular places in Hawaii.

Oahu Attractions

One of the great things about Oahu is that there are a lot of different things to see there. A popular choice among tourists is the USS Arizona Memorial, a 184-foot memorial honoring the soldiers that gave their lives during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It is truly an incredible sight for any American citizen.

Likewise, the Diamond Head is a big tourist attraction. Featuring 350-acres of land, the Diamond Head allows visitors to see Hawaii at its very best.

The Waikiki Beach is an excellent choice for tourists looking for an ideal beach in Oahu, Hawaii. Here the beaches are well kept and the water is perfect for swimming or any other water activities.

Finally, the Sea Life Park offers tourists the chance to swim with dolphins or explore a wide-range of other sea animals.

Maui Attractions

Maui is often the most talked about place in Hawaii. It is by far the most visited place in Hawaii, and when you go there, it's easy to see why. There are a lot of great attractions in Maui.

The Haleakala Crater offers visitors the chance to see a dormant volcano 10,000 feet above sea level. This attraction is thrilling to people of all ages and must-see.

For the adults in the family, the Old Lahaina Luau offers a true, romantic Hawaiian dinner. Couples who are looking to have a night away from the kids will enjoy the Luau.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters allows tourists to see Maui from a point of view that is completely different. Tourists can see Maui and other parts of Hawaii from helicopters high in the sky. This tour is thrilling for kids and enjoyable for adults.

Kauai Attractions

If you happen to be in Kauai and are looking for great Hawaii attractions, you're in luck. Kauai features many great attractions for people of all types.

The Na Pali Coast is a terrific choice for tourists because it allows them to enjoy beautiful beaches and dramatic cliffs. It's a place that is incredible that it must be seen to be believed.

Another popular attraction is the Koke'e State Park. In the Park, visitors can enjoy the many trails and wildlife present.

Liko Kauai allows visitors to tour Kauai on a cruise. This is both convenient and enjoyable for tourists who are looking to see the island.

Golfers who want an attraction that appeals to them will want to check out the Princeville Golf Club. The Princeville Golf Club offers 18 holes of championship-level golf. It is among the highest rated courses in Hawaii and an excellent choice for golfers.

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