Best time to visit Hawaii

When is the best time to visit Hawaii? This is a question commonly asked by people who are considering a vacation to the beautiful state that is Hawaii. It is a question that cannot be answered in a simple manner. That's because the answer to the question depends on many factors. There is simply no one size fits all answer to the question. To help you choose when the best time to visit Hawaii is, we'll be going over the different factors you must consider.

How's the Weather?

While the weather is pretty constant in Hawaii, there are times of the year when it is warmer or cooler than normal. For instance, during the summer months, Hawaii tends to be a bit warmer than normal. If you don't wish to vacation in 85-95 degree weather, you might want to avoid Hawaii during the summer months, as it could be too warm for you. In this case, consider going to Hawaii during the Fall, Winter or Spring, as the weather tends to be ideal then. If, however, you like the warm weather, then by all means go during the Summer.


The cost of traveling to Hawaii, much like the weather, varies depending on the month. It can be hundreds, even thousands of dollars cheaper to go to Hawaii if you go during the right season of the year. Vacation packages to Hawaii tend to be cheapest during the Winter and Fall months, while the same packages tend to be most expensive during the Summer and Spring months. The reason for this is that Summer and Spring are the peak seasons for vacations, and so it costs more to go on vacation. If you can take the time off from work/school, the best time to visit Hawaii is during the Fall and Winter.


Some people can't just get up and go anywhere at any time. They may have obligations to school or work and so they must carefully consider when the best time to visit Hawaii is. Perhaps you can only afford to go to Hawaii during a break period—say over Christmas or New Year's break. Or maybe you'll only have enough vacation time to go during the Summer. When you go to Hawaii will largely depend on when the most convenient time is for you and your family.

What Do I Want to Do?

What activities do you have in mind for when you visit Hawaii? You should know that there are specific times of the year where these activities may be best suited. Golfers, for instance, will want to visit Hawaii during the Summer months to ensure the best weather for golfing, while surfers will want to visit during Christmas-time as the water tends to be best then. If you enjoy windsurfing, you might want to come around during July or August when the waters are about the calmest they'll be. Likewise, those who want to go snorkeling will want to visit right around June or July when the weather is most ideal.

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